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Accessible transportation solutions for a wide range of clients

We aim to provide accessible transportation options to a wide range of people. We work with government and fleet controllers, charities, schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, and individuals to meet the mobility needs of their constituents, employees, students, patients, and clients.

No matter what your specific needs may be, we're here to help you find a rental solution that fits your budget and accessibility requirements.

Individuals .

Whether you need a rental for a day, a week, or longer, we offer flexible and affordable solutions for individuals who travel in a wheelchair. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals are here to help and assist you.

Short Term Hire

Long Term Hire

Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Rates

Wheelchair rentals for individuals

Short or Long-Term Business Hire .


We offer flexible rental solutions to government and fleet controllers, helping you meet the mobility needs of their clients and workers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Our wheelchair vehicle rentals are an affordable and convenient solution for charities looking to provide reliable transportation for those in need.

Aged Care

Our wheelchair vehicle rentals are a convenient and cost-effective solution for helping seniors maintain their independence and access the community.


We offer a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles for rent to schools, helping to provide safe and reliable transportation for students with disabilities.


Our vehicles are an essential resource for hospitals, providing a safe and reliable transportation solution for patients with mobility impairments.

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